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 Forum Rules

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PostSubject: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeSun May 10, 2009 4:47 pm

Here are the rules for all the parts of the forums:

[size=150]1) All Members Are Treated Equal.[/size] This includes webmasters, administrators, all forum staff members, old respected members, and new registered users. So if you are a newly registered user, you should expect to have a clean slate. Also, the below rules are expected to be followed by all members including the forum staff and webmasters. While there is equality for all members, the Zelda Castle staff should be respected. The staff voluntarily takes time out of their daily lives to make this place the best it can be and they deserve to be treated with the utmost respect.

[size=150]2) Swearing.[/size] Blunt swearing is not tolerated. If it is used in an offensive way attacking a member or a members idea, then this will result in a warning and/or ban. Just because something appears as (******) to replace a swear, it does not make it okay to say it. We will be a bit lenient with the language, allowing words like 'damn' and 'hell'.

[size=150]3) No SPAM, Duplicating Topics, or Double Posting.[/size] This means no 'Stupid Pointless Annoying Messages'. A topic that is posted and has no purpose at all, or is just meant for one answer, and then closed (exception in the Game Help section) is not tolerable. Duplicated topics are also consider SPAM and will be deleted. Double Posting is not tolerated unless there is a good reason for it. (A great topic that has been inactive for several weeks and the last poster wants to bump it back up).

[size=150]4) No Bumping Old Topics.[/size] This rules is not meant to be interpreted literally. Interesting topics that have not been posted in for several months CAN be bumped. However, the user that bumps it must have a good reason for doing so. If he wants to contribute to the thread with interesting and valuable ideas/opinions, than that is fine. If he simple makes a post saying that he agrees with somebody or anything that adds very little value at all to the thread, then that is not tolerated. Only bump threads that are old if you truly have something valuable to say.

[size=150]5) No Attacking or Flaming Other Members.[/size] This goes back to rule number 1, all members are equal. If a member is breaking any of the rules, do not attack or flame him, but rather, contact a member of the staff and it will be taken care of. If the person is actually a member of the staff, then contact Cody ot Erik.

[size=150]6) No Multiple Posting.[/size] Two things specific about this rule. One, it does not look good on the forum if one member makes a new post in nearly every single active topic out there right after one another, filling every single part of the page with 'posted by ______'. Also, more importantly, this is a community forum and not a chatroom. If Person A makes a post, and immediately person B responds. Person A should not respond immediately after and should wait awhile before responding. Let others get involved in the thread. Thus, this is a community and not a chatroom. If you are interested in one on one discussion, that is what the Shoutbox is for.

[size=150]7) No Religious or Political Discrimination.[/size] While we have a limited general section, 'Mature' discussion is not tolerated here because we cannot distinguish who we consider to be mature.

[size=150]Cool No Inappropriate Posts or Images.[/size] This includes anything that could be considered sexist or racist. This is very judgmental, so if you think it may be considered inappropriate by any group of people, be safe and don't post it.

[size=150]9) Opinions.[/size] Remember, this is a community forum and there will always be different opinions. All members are entitled to their own opinion as long as it does not break any rules. (Rule #5, don't flame somebody for having a different opinion)

[size=150]10) No Advertising other sites.[/size] We do not like it when others advertise there site or someone elses. We will let youtube links and pictures slide, but other then theat, no advertising.

[size=150]11) Signature Limit.[/size] Your signature that is displayed under all of your posts, cannot exceed the size of the box below, if it does, a mod or admin will message you.
Forum Rules SignatureLimit

If you break a rule and argue with the person who banned you, you will be banned for an extended period of time, if you were banned, it was for a reason.

If you seriously break any of the rules, you'll be warned, time depending on how bad you broke the rule, if you accidently break a rule, a global moderator or admin will tell you through the PM system.
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PostSubject: Re: Forum Rules   Forum Rules Icon_minitimeTue May 19, 2009 5:08 pm

This should be locked, shouldn't it? ~locks~
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Forum Rules
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