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 The Journey For the Seven Star Sword's!

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PostSubject: The Journey For the Seven Star Sword''s!   Tue May 19, 2009 6:00 pm

As Star walked along the desert, he spotted a flash of lightning coming from the Maze of Death. He went to check out it. As he sped through the desert at full speed he encoutered a gang of thugs, the Dropster's. Their leader, Jaster... Jaster Rogue. As Star drew his Element Sword out, he noticed something far off in the distant. The maze, was glowing. "The Seven Star Sword, the Desert Seeker," he gasped. Jaster drew his sword, the Blancer. it was a huge sturdy sword that could break anything. Even the planet in half! They began battle 10 seconds later and they instantly locked blades. "Heh, two master swordsman," He said ignorantly. "Too, bad I'm better!" He leaped forword knocking Star off balance but. something was wrong. Star teleported instantly and appeared behing Jaster. Star lunged his sword forward, killing him. "Better you say, undefeatable people said. Just rumors, I'm the true master Swordsman!" Star said proudly holding up his sword in pride. He checked the body and found 4000 pieces of gold. "That's why you challenged me, to steal from me." Star said under his breath. He then continued to run toward the Maze.
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PostSubject: Re: The Journey For the Seven Star Sword's!   Thu May 21, 2009 6:10 pm

At the maze he encoutered a large group of bandits surrounded by a beam of light. Instantly the beam crushed them. "The Seven Star Sword... Desert Seeker!" Star said as a man in a desert hood walked up handing him the sacred blade. "Th.... Than... Thankyou." The man dissappeared and STar headed back home in awe. With the Desert Seeker in hand.
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The Journey For the Seven Star Sword's!
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