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Twilight Prince

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PostSubject: Bad   Sun May 17, 2009 9:12 pm

So I want to know how many of you have done something that you wish to take back. I know I have lets here what you have to talk about. I'm not going to post mine. And ZT don't even think about saying anything.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad   Mon May 18, 2009 8:05 pm

Well, I wish I could take back, hurting my best friend. I want to say one thing, if you are having an argument, never, and I mean never, tell them something they're not. It not only hurts their feelings, but it hurts them mentally. I have once done this . (me and him are still best friend though.) I said something, (I'm saying what.) but, it hurt him so bad, he went completely insane. His parents couldn't even soeak to him without him going into a long lecture how he's a dumb, stupid, idiot who should've have never been born. our friendsahip barely survived the three months that he was like this. So, just don't hurt your friend mentally. It not only hurts them, it hurts yiu and everyone around them.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad   Mon May 18, 2009 11:16 pm

Well, this has been kept a secret for so many years, but I recently told it to my friends at lunch. I'd like to take back that day. That day when I tok a book from my preschool. I've felt ashamed ever since I did it. Some day I'm gonna give that Preschool $20 to pay back for my crime, why is this in MD, it's more of of a General thing, unless somebady does something really bad, but unless that happens it doesn't really belong here.
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PostSubject: Re: Bad   Tue May 19, 2009 5:05 pm

Wow, so, what you're trying to say is you stole from your preschool. Wow! I didn't expect that. (Maybe you should give $40 for income.) :xd:
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PostSubject: Re: Bad   

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