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 Flood era Zelda game outline

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PostSubject: Flood era Zelda game outline   Flood era Zelda game outline Icon_minitimeFri May 15, 2009 10:05 pm

The following is a theoretical storyline for a future game in the Zelda franchise. This is just a basic story outline which also includes some temple and boss outlines. All criticism is welcome!

The game takes place between Twilight Princess and Windwaker. The Kingdom of Hyrule is at war. Moblin armies march from the north; they are not led by Ganon. Instead they follow a mysterious dark wizard named Vaati. The King’s daughter has gone missing as war approaches the walls of Krokori, the last remaining stronghold before Hyrule city.

Link is a young man (17) residing in Krokori. The Mayor has issued a draft, and Link must become a soldier and brace for the impending attack.

ACT 1: The Way of War (intro)

The first few quests revolve around going through boot camp. Link is given a Krokori sword and shield; the sword will be used for a large portion of the game. Link learns to target, defend and attack very quickly. He is then given one day to say goodbye to his family. Link lives with his father, who is also in the military. Link has no other family to speak of so his father takes this time to teach Link how to use a bow and arrow. The first main quest involves Link following his father on a mission to ambush a group of Moblins just outside the town walls. Everything goes well and the player gets a chance to kill some real enemies for the first time.

Link joins a small battalion of four people: him, his father and two of his neighbors. They all saddle up and head toward Fort Delawi. All the player has to do is keep up during this sequence. This introduces the basics of horse riding. As they get closer to the Fort they enter a forest. The four are ambushed by a Moblin hunting party and Links father is killed. The player doesn’t have any control over the horse at this point and all he has to do is fire arrows at Moblins that are riding beside him. The three survivors reach Fort Delawi, which is nearly burned to the ground. Link is immediately ordered by the general in charge to deliver request forms to Hyrule castle. After fighting through some Moblin forces, Link parts ways with his party and rides for Hyrule City.

As Link approaches the gates of the city he is attacked by a group of Moblin riders again. The player has no control over this attack, he will always lose. A cut scene showing Hylian soldiers opening the gate for Link follows. Link’s horse carries a bloodied Link through the city and to the castle gates, where a general notices the orders in Link’s satchel. Link wakes up several hours later to the sound of voices coming from down the hall. He is lying in a bed, bandaged and restrained. The voices grow louder as the King of Hyrule enters the room. “Thank you Zalingord” he says to a young man standing just outside the door. The man takes his leave.

The King explains to Link that he was wounded and needed to be restrained because he kept tossing and turning in his sleep screaming things about his father. He tells Link that he has ordered a full evacuation of Fort Delawi and Krokori. He says that Link is staying in his daughter’s room, as she disappeared about two weeks ago. Link is told he must not leave the city walls, as it is not safe. The player is now free to roam the city as he pleases. He is introduced to Gorons and Zoras (which are treated like second class citizens) as well as Zalingord, the King’s questionable wizard assistant.

ACT 2: The Castle Secrets

The following is a “dream sequence”, and should be represented through sometimes trailing visuals and muffled sounds.

This is the first “mini temple” area. Link wakes up in the middle of the night to whispers. He follows them through the castle in a “lost woods” like segment. He eventually stumbles onto a secret passage to a dungeon area. Link fights some miniscule enemies in the dungeon and completes a few puzzles. This leads him to a strange laboratory. A mini boss fight with a golem type enemy follows. It ends with Link being forced through an odd doorway which teleports him to a large marble room. Here he is confronted by a strange figure made of green light. The being tells Link the “origin of the Triforce story” and says that the dark wizard leading the Moblins, Vaati, has a plan to flood Hyrule and only Link can stop him. This is when Link discovers he holds the Triforce of Courage.

Link exits the room through a secret passage, and it turned out he was in the basement of a Temple, just a few blocks from the castle. Upon leaving, the player is confronted by a hooded figure that he tries to catch up to but cant. When the player reaches the castle doors a cut scene begins.

Link enters the castle and makes his way to the King’s throne, it is now early morning and the castle is quite active. “Link my boy! Glad to see you’re awake. Oh my, you look as if you’ve seen a ghost.” After Link explains what has happened the King sends his right hand man Zalingord to go and check for any hidden passages. Zalingord insists that Link must have been dreaming, but leaves regardless. The King tells Link that a bunch of people are going missing, including a construction crew that was supposed to be finishing an addition to the castle. The King notices the Triforce on Link’s left hand and is startled. He asks Link to be his personal bodyguard, and to be knighted, but first he asks Link to find out where all of the disappearing people have gone to.

After doing a few quests around town, such as helping out thugs for information on the war and questioning family members of people who have gone missing, Link learns that the people are being held captive off shore, in a Moblin controlled island Prison. The King lends Link a small boat and suits him up with a Hylian sword and shield, as well as well as the official “King’s messenger” tunic (green tunic). He departs for the island; in a short Windwaker inspired boat sequence.

ACT 3: Onatamangu Island

This is the first full length dungeon. This place is inspired by a mixture of the Gerudo and Forsaken fortresses.
Link makes landfall at night and uses stealth to sneak past several large Moblin enemies. Inside the prison, the player attacks smaller monsters but is encouraged to sneak past larger more dangerous ones. But either tactic is possible in most situations. There are several vistas where the player can see Moblins throwing spears at giant hostile tentacles just off shore. Puzzles in this dungeon may include the player somehow angering the tentacles, causing nearby Moblins to become distracted or killed.

The final boss of the dungeon is a giant Hydra that is being fed prisoners by the Moblins. Link must kill the Hydra before he can free the prisoners. Once the beast is killed, Link leads the prisoners out of the structure and down to the docks. Huge ships are docking and archers are shooting off them at the Moblins, Hylian flags fly from the vessels. Link leads the prisoners aboard and notices a hooded figure sitting near the back of the ship; he is then greeted by the King himself. The King tells Link that he has ordered the building of a large settlement at the peak of Death Mountain as a precaution in case Vaati floods Hyrule. After speaking with the King, Link looks back to see that the figure has vanished.

Just as the ships depart for Hyrule once again the Hydra attacks, it wasn’t dead. Its large tentacles whip the ship and even crush a vessel beside the one that the King and Link are on. After wounding it heavily, Link is pulled in the water where he finished it off. Link is wounded and sinking below the water, luckily, just as all hope seems lost Link is rescued by Princess Rutela, a Zora. She takes him back to Zora’s Domain where she gives him care.

This is all I have so far, but I have a full outline and will post the rest of it depending on how well this is recieved. I know im no professional author either, please point out any grammar, spelling or continuity mistakes so I can fix them. The rest of my story has a few twists im quite proud of so "stay tuned" for more i guess
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Flood era Zelda game outline
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